SINGAPORE: In the wake of a severe digital service outage last month, DBS Group has issued a public apology and pledged to allocate an additional $80 million to fortify its system resilience. The announcement comes in the aftermath of a series of disruptions that have raised concerns about the bank’s digital infrastructure.

The latest service outage saw DBS digital services and electronic payment applications being rendered inaccessible, with customers finding themselves unable to withdraw money from ATMs. The situation was particularly dire for some DBS customers stranded overseas, unable to use their cards or access funds.

DBS Group CEO Piyush Gupta expressed his regrets in an official statement, acknowledging the bank’s commitment to digital transformation to enhance convenience for its customers. He conceded that DBS needed to do a better job in ensuring the stability and resilience of its digital systems.

The $80 million investment will be channelled into multiple areas aimed at strengthening technology governance, staff and leadership training, as well as enhancing existing systems and procedures.

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Mr Gupta assured DBS customers that the group is fully committed to implementing these new measures promptly, with the ultimate goal of improving its digital services in the near future. He also emphasized the importance of delivering a more reliable and efficient banking experience to its clients.

DBS Group Chairman Peter Seah, meanwhile, publicly acknowledged that the recent series of service outages over the past year fell short of meeting customer expectations and the bank’s high standards. As a result, he stated that DBS’s senior management would be held accountable for these shortcomings, and this accountability would be reflected in their remuneration.

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