Loansharks set fire to front yard of family home, petrol bombs car, but gets the wrong house


Photo: YT screengrab/China Press Johor

A woman who allegedly owes loansharks money became the target of threatening activities, although those sharks who wanted to intimidate her into paying up her loan got the wrong house.

A man, presumed to have been sent by the loansharks, was spotted on CCTV cameras setting fire to the front yard. He petrol-bombed a parked car, resulting in damages worth S$3,000.

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Domino Pizza customer amazed with his chicken cheeseburger pizza that came with no chicken in it


Photo: FB screengrab

SINGAPORE — A Domino’s Pizza customer was pleasantly surprised to receive his order of Cheeseburger Chicken Pizza without chicken.

On top of the missing key ingredient, the photos provided by the customer portrayed a stark difference between expectations from the menu and the reality of what was received.

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1,335 trips on Thomson-East Coast Line overcharged by 6 cents, TransitLink apologises for inconvenience


Photo: Taken from LTA website

SINGAPORE — A total of 1,335 trips between Orchard and Queenstown stations on the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL) were mistakenly charged an extra six cents between Nov 13 and Dec 2.

TransitLink said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (Dec 13) that after the opening of the new TEL stations, affected commuters who were charged S$1.34 if they exited the TEL fare gates compared to S$1.28 if they exited from the North-South Line (NSL) fare gates.

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‘My parents bought their first place at S$100k, 30 years later, something similar is being sold for $1.6 million’


Photo: Unsplash/Tierra Mallorca (for illustration purposes only).

When a Singapore Reddit user asked if young adults in the country are worried about the affordability of housing prices, many netizens joined the discussion, with a number of them remarking on how different things are today from when their parents first started out.

“Watched the recent the daily ketchup episode on property pricing and have to agree with most of what was discussed. As a single myself, I wonder where I am going to end up 5-7 years down the road. Am I even able to afford a hdb given how much prices have gone up while our salary has pretty much stagnated in the past 20 years,” wrote Nunububumemo on r/singapore on Tuesday (Dec 13).

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Customer complains about being charged 50 cents for glass of water, coffee shop owners explain why



One Serangoon coffee shop owner Mr Zhang, 60, responded to an online post from a customer who was charged 50 cents for a glass of water. The coffee shop owner told Shin Min Daily News that he used to charge 40 cents for water but has raised the price lately due to today’s high electric and water tariffs, adding that workers’ salaries also need to be paid.

Shin Min Daily News also heard from other coffee shop owners that some people take advantage of free water. “These people buy boiled water and brew their own tea, then occupy seats for hours, leaving no seats for other customers. It’s affecting our business,” Ms Li, a coffee shop owner, told the Chinese-language daily.