ComfortDelGro Taxi and Gojek Singapore partnership

SINGAPORE: On April 23, ComfortDelGro and Gojek announced their cross-dispatch model partnership to “jointly explore ways” to solve problems in the transport industry.

This collaboration began after they both agreed on Nov 28, 2022, to work together to solve the point-to-point problems in the transport industry.

The Edge Singapore reported that ComfortDelGro Taxi and Gojek Singapore revealed on April 23 a new system called cross-dispatch. This means that if one platform has jobs that have yet to be filled, it will pass them on to the other platform.

Starting April 29, ComfortDelGro drivers will step in to cover Gojek rides that aren’t taken. Soon, Gojek drivers will return the favour to ComfortDelGro passengers who can’t get a ride.

Mr Lien Choong Luen, general manager at Gojek Singapore, said, “We look forward to working closely with ComfortDelGro to provide better value in the point-to-point industry.”

The launch of our partnership with ComfortDelGro marks a huge milestone for both companies.

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The welfare and overall income sustainability of drivers is our top priority, and with this partnership, drivers will be able to see higher demand and improved earnings, while commuters can look forward to greater availability of rides with shorter waiting times, making this partnership a win for everyone,” he added.

Jackson Chia, CEO of ComfortDelGro’s private mobility group, is also on board. He notes that taxis remain a key component of public transport infrastructure.

Adding that the partnership is a win for passengers as well, he stated:

By combining our fleets in a cross-dispatch model, ComfortDelGro’s two-shift taxi system will help ensure more availability and shorter waiting times during non-peak hours.

At the same time, this partnership will also reduce waiting times and increase ride availability for passengers, a win-win for all.

Partnerships of this nature strengthen the whole ecosystem and also make the point-to-point industry a more attractive option for vocational licence holders.”

Now you can enjoy “more rides, less waiting”!

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For more information on how it works, check here. /TISG

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