The Purple Parade SG

SINGAPORE: The Purple Parade 2023 celebrated the abilities of persons with disabilities on Nov 4, Saturday at Suntec City. The event, now in its 11th year, brought together more than 13,000 people. The parade, dedicated to promoting inclusion and celebrating the talents of persons with disabilities, garnered widespread support from various sectors of Singapore.

One notable guest at this year’s Purple Parade was the Minister for Manpower and the Second Minister for Trade and Industry, Dr Tan See Leng. He expressed his enthusiasm and support for the event on his Facebook post, describing it as “an absolute pleasure and honour.” Dr. Tan See Leng recognized the significance of the Purple Parade, saying, “The Purple Parade is a beautiful celebration of the abilities and talents of Persons with Disabilities. It’s heartwarming to see so many come together to support inclusion.”

Dr. Tan also commended his colleagues at the Ministry of Manpower for their active participation in the parade, noting it as a testament to their dedication to ensuring that all workers are valued in the workforce. He highlighted their future plans, stating, “Next year, we intend to enact the Workplace Fairness Legislation to protect employees against the common and familiar forms of workplace discrimination. But legislation is not a panacea; let us continue to correct stereotypes, shape mindsets, and sustain fair employment practices.”

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The Singapore Ministry of Manpower also took to their Facebook page to express their pride in being a part of The Purple Parade. They echoed the sentiments of inclusion and growth, saying, “We are proud to be a part of The Purple Parade, a ground-up movement to celebrate Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) and include them in Singapore’s growth. Together, let’s continue to provide opportunities for PwDs to contribute to the workplace and society!”

The Purple Parade’s official Facebook page thanked Singaporeans for their support, stating, “Thank you, Singapore, for Supporting Inclusion & Celebrating Abilities of Persons with Disabilities!” They also celebrated the event’s remarkable turnout, indicating increasing support for the cause. The organizers extended their appreciation to every participant, performer, partner, sponsor, corporate, and volunteer who played a role in the parade’s success.

Acknowledging the dedicated work behind the scenes, The Purple Parade praised the 13 organizations in the 2023 Organizing Committee for their relentless efforts in spearheading the signature celebration. They also expressed gratitude towards Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong, who served as the Guest of Honour for the event and pledged to continue growing the movement until it fills up the National Stadium.

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The significance of The Purple Parade extends beyond a one-day event. The organizers aspire for the inclusion of persons with disabilities to become a way of life for Singapore and beyond. The success and widespread support for the 2023 edition of The Purple Parade highlight the growing awareness and commitment to fostering a more inclusive society where the abilities of persons with disabilities are celebrated and valued.