SINGAPORE: The Ministry of National Development has approved two community improvement projects proposed by the Sengkang East Citizens’ Consultative Committee (CCC).

The People’s Action Party Sengkang East branch chairperson Marcus Loh revealed about the projects on social media. He added that with the project’s approval, it will now be carried out by the Sengkang Town Council, helmed by the elected members of parliament from the Workers’ Party.

‘This evening, we were overjoyed to hear that two Community Improvement Project proposals from our Sengkang East Citizen’s Consultative Committee have been approved by the Ministry of National Development, with the strong support of our Grassroots Advisor. One involves the construction of a covered linkway spanning Blk 180B, 182 and 183C Rivervale Crescent,” posted PAP’s Loh on his Facebook page on Dec 4.

“The second project will see a linkway being built between BIk 188C Rivervale Drive and bus stop 65191 along the TPE. Having garnered approvals for these projects for the good of all Sengkang East residents, we now look forward to their smooth implementation by the Sengkang Town Council, hopefully soon.”

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Loh added that full credit must be given as there was a synergy of energy between the team of dedicated volunteers and activists in Sengkang that worked closely with the community, corporate, and public agency partners to turn vision into action for Sengkang East.

Photo: Facebook screengrab / bookmarcsingapore

These projects, such as the one that has just been approved by the ministry at Sengkang East, come under the Community Improvement Projects Committee (CPIC) funding, which the CCC manages.

This budget is separate from those controlled by the Town Council.

According to the Ministry of National Development, the function of the CPIC is to provide funding for community improvement projects, such as basic infrastructural facilities, recreational facilities, and communal amenities in HDB housing estates. 

The Leader of Opposition, Pritam Singh, submitted a parliamentary question last year asking how much CIPC funding has been extended to each Town Council through their CCC since 7 May 2011.

In a written reply, the Ministry of National Development said, “CIPC allocates its budget to the CCCs each year based on the number of HDB residential units of each Town. CCCs have the flexibility to allocate their notional budget and prioritise projects within their Towns based on local needs and which will be most useful for the residents.”

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MND also explained that the Community Improvement Projects Committee (CIPC) supports improvement projects in HDB estates to benefit local residents. Such facilities include covered walkways, footpaths, cycling tracks and playgrounds. 

“CIPC funding is disbursed through the Citizens’ Consultative Committees (CCCs). CCCs are close to the ground and can help identify projects which will be most useful for the residents, and through that process, strengthen bonds within the community,” added MND in the reply to the Workers’ Party leader.