SINGAPORE: A recent incident on a Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight has ignited a debate on social media about passenger etiquette. A photo capturing a business class passenger putting their feet up against the back of another seat has drawn mixed reactions on social media.

The photo was allegedly taken on board SQ 469, a four-hour flight service between Colombo, Sri Lanka and Singapore. The picture depicted an individual seated on a business class seat, with their socks-clad feet propped up against the back of the seat in front of them.

The person who snapped the photo, a clearly frustrated anonymous member on an SIA frequent flyers Facebook group, wrote online: “happening now SQ469…AARGHHHHHHHHHH”.

Opinions were divided. Some users agreed that the behavior was inappropriate, hinting at the importance of maintaining proper decorum in shared spaces.

However, not everyone was critical. A portion of the community dismissed the act as a minor offense and said it wasn’t a big deal. One commenter expressed relief that the individual was at least wearing socks, while some others criticised the post author for publicly airing the photo.

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Placing one’s feet behind a public seat, such as on a plane or a bus, can be considered offensive or inconsiderate for several reasons such as hygiene, comfort, and expected social etiquette.

Many feel disgusted by such a practice as feet can be dirty or carry unpleasant odors in confined spaces like airplanes. The area behind a seat is also typically considered part of the personal space of the person in that seat and encroaching on this space could be seen as inappropriate and uncomfortable for the person in front.

Further, it is generally considered bad manners to place feet in areas not designed for them, such as seat backs or the space behind seats. Public transportation etiquette discourages actions that can inconvenience or discomfort other passengers.

In case of turbulence on a plane or sudden stops on a bus, improperly placed feet can pose a safety risk to both the person with their feet up and others around them. To maintain a respectful and comfortable environment for all passengers, it is best to keep feet on the floor or footrest provided.

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