Conservatives are riled up these days with the fact that DEI is taking over a lot of the corporate jobs in the United States. However, it seems that Microsoft is allegedly bragging that they pay White workers less than non-Whites. X users state that this is what White privilege looks like in the 2020s. 

The Daily Wire states, in its 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Report, Microsoft openly admits to paying non-white employees more than their white counterparts in similar roles, boasting about its “pay equity” initiative. 

Furthermore, the report reveals that racial and ethnic minority groups earn $1.007 for every $1.000 earned by white employees, with Black employees earning $1.004 and Asian employees earning $1.012. 

Microsoft also champions the “woke” ideology, emphasizing the importance of allyship among its employees. This revelation follows criticism of Microsoft’s policy limiting nominations for a research fellowship based on race. 

Following that, similar discriminatory practices have been observed at Disney, NASCAR, IBM, Oracle, Apple, and other corporations, perpetuating discrimination against white and Asian employees.

Microsoft under fire from X users for discriminating against White employees 

In addition to this, X users state that the United States does not have any form of equality in the country. If there is such a standard for equality, there would be major lawsuits filed towards these companies. Conservatives are calling this trend as anti-White discrimination. 


Moreover, conservatives state that what if the reverse happened, where White employees are paid more and the company responsible for this was bragging about it. This is of course wrong as well. However, liberals state that this was happening to Black Americans a few decades ago and it is a part of American history. 


X users state their children were asked about DEI, but they are White and straight. Others respond stating that this policy is not important at all as meritocracy is what should be important. 

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