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In a recent development, conservatives on X have sparked controversy by drawing a comparison between Laken Riley and George Floyd. They assert that while Floyd received memorials, sparked riots, and garnered widespread mourning, Riley’s passing went largely unnoticed. Woke users counter that this discrepancy is due to Riley being White. 

The debate has intensified, with conservatives criticizing the perceived lack of attention to Riley’s death, while discussions around racial bias and societal responses continue to dominate online discourse.

X page, End Wokeness states that memorials were built, policy demands were written on the streets. They suggest that conservatives do the same for Laken Riley as her death was something tragic. Other users state that her passing should be the symbol of a better future. For an America with stronger border control and a stronger economy. 

Another sad discovery was that she repeatedly tried to contact the authorities. The New York Post states, nursing student Laken Riley’s harrowing attempt to dial 911 during an assault by Venezuelan migrant Jose Antonio Ibarra was detailed in police records disclosed Wednesday. 

Ibarra obstructed her call before dragging her to a secluded spot, where she bravely resisted. An ex-profiler’s analysis suggests Ibarra, overwhelmed, likely fatally struck Riley, discovered hours later on the University of Georgia campus with a fractured skull. The warrants reveal gruesome injuries, indicating Riley fought back. 

Woke X users not keen to riot for Laken Riley because she’s “White” 

A screenshot was uploaded showing that a woke individual was making these hateful remarks. Furthermore, this is not entirely shocking to conservatives as they know this as a fact. An X user states that they’re going against the majority group of a country and are being open about it. 

Following that, bold claims about certain organizations are rising regarding this issue. Some users claim that there were organizations waiting to “profit” off the death of George Floyd. For Riley, there isn’t such an organization to do so. However, this is a bold accusation that is yet to be proven. 

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