Michelle Obama is a reserved person but the ex First Lady opened up about how she was feeling about her daughters moving into their first home together in Los Angeles recently.

In fact when she first found out that they would both be moving out to a place in L.A she wasn’t quite sure how to react. In an interview with People magazine she had said that didn’t want to show too much of a reaction but at the same time she was happy for them but she also has this feeling like she didn’t want them to go.

“So I just said: ‘Okay, well that’s interesting that you guys are going to try living together. We’ll see how it goes.’ But yeah, it feels good to know that the two girls you raised find solace at a kitchen table with one another. It’s like the one thing you want for them.”

Her daughters Malia, 25 and Sasha, 22 have always been very close. Both Michelle and Barack Obama like visiting their daughter and previously joked about their daughters new habits at their home. She spoke about it in a podcast on Today with Hoda and Jenna saying that she was very surprised by her children’s house rules.

Jokingly she said, “I’m like, ‘You never used a coaster in my house.’ So now, when it’s your stuff, you want to take care of it?

“The thing I love the most is that those two girls are each other’s best friends. I mean, there was a period of time when they couldn’t stand each other.”

Michelle said that she helped build that bond by telling them that both of them share a unique experience and one day they are going to wake up knowing that they have something very special.

In her book she also writes about her two daughters growing up and going through puberty while being in the spotlight at the White House. She said that she believes it is what has made them super close and now they are living together and thriving together.

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