In a fiery Instagram tirade, singer Ethel Cain lambasted President Joe Biden over his recent $1 billion arms deal with Israel.

Cain’s outspoken criticism has ignited a storm on social media, resonating with many who share her frustration.

Her provocative posts began with a screenshot discussing Biden’s approval of the arms deal, accompanied by the incendiary caption, “We need to bring back assassinations.”

She didn’t stop there; in a subsequent post, she tagged Biden’s official Instagram account and called him a “b*tch,” escalating her rhetoric.

Ethel Cain on politicians and the military

Expressing her exasperation, Cain wrote, “It feels like I’m taking crazy pills living in America in this day and age. Billionaires and politicians should be strung up in the street because what the hell is going on? And we can’t even have a revolution because our terroristic military would crush us in a heartbeat if we tried to revolt.”

Despite her harsh tone, Cain also shared a more reflective message. She called life an “extremely beautiful gift,” advocating for equality and urging her followers not to “drown under the propaganda and succumb to the apathy.” She implored them to keep fighting, stating, “It’s hard but it’s not hopeless.”

Cain’s controversial statements have struck a chord with a significant portion of social media users, especially amid ongoing college protests across the United States. Her sentiments reflect a broader disillusionment with the political status quo and resonate with those advocating for change.

Known for her hit song “American Teenager,” an “anti-war, anti-patriotism” anthem that made it onto former President Barack Obama’s top songs of 2022, Cain’s music echoes her outspoken views. The track critiques U.S. gun culture, political disillusionment, and the nation’s military actions, underscoring her consistent stance on these issues.

Ethel Cain’s recent outburst is more than just a celebrity rant; it encapsulates a growing wave of dissent among young Americans disillusioned with their country’s political and social direction.

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