A local magazine, Men’s Health’, yesterday published a commentary titled “Sorry, Schooling But There’s No Glory In This“. The writer of the commentary criticised the post-race comments made by Joseph Schooling at the Olympics.

The writer said that he cringed at the comments Schooling made to the media after the swim. Schooling said: “It was alright, I mean I actually warmed up for my 100m fly. I don’t train for this event so it was nice to be in the top 16. I’m pleased with it, it’s nice to get out and race these guys. I’m happy, I rest tomorrow, get ready for the 100 fly and then Thursday, Friday, it’ll be better.” The writer took issue that Schooling was taking an Olympics competition as warm-up.

The magazine issued an apology for publishing the commentary on Schooling a few minutes ago and said:

“To our readers and followers of Men’s Health Singapore: We’re sorry.

We recently put up a blog on our website regarding post-race comments made by Joseph Schooling at the Olympics. The feedback we’ve received from sport supporters, rallying behind our national swimmer has been tremendous. But more important than that, you guys were absolutely right – we never should have suggested that Schooling’s race preparation methods, nor his attitude towards the contest, were anything but indicative of the highest sporting standards. And yes, our choice of words in that blog were also completely uncalled for.

For all that, we apologise. To our readers, supporters of our national Olympians, all Singaporeans, and of course, Schooling himself – we are very sorry. As Editor of the magazine, I also humbly take responsibility for the publishing of the blog in the first place and offer my personal apologies to all.

We will endeavour to maintain higher editorial standards, standards befitting the Men’s Health brand. -Kelvin, Editor”