SINGAPORE: McDonald’s has issued an apology after a customer complained online about receiving an undercooked beef burger. The incident has prompted the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) to launch an investigation into the matter.

The customer, who took to the COMPLAINT SINGAPORE Facebook group on Monday (4 Dec), recounted purchasing a takeaway burger from a McDonald’s outlet near Punggol Plaza. Upon returning home and eating the burger, she noticed an unusual texture in the patty, describing it as cold and mushy. Alarmed, she removed the top bun to discover that the burger patty was uncooked, red, and raw.

The woman expressed her concern online and promptly informed the McDonald’s branch manager about the issue. In response, the branch manager provided a full refund and assured the customer that McDonald’s would cover any medical expenses in case of food poisoning.

The incident ignited a flurry of online discussions among Singaporeans, with some expressing discomfort and others worrying about potential food poisoning. Responding to the comments, the woman voiced her unease, having consumed several mouthfuls of raw meat.

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The matter has not gone unnoticed by the SFA, which has confirmed its investigation into the incident. Emphasizing the shared responsibility for food safety, the agency stated that while regulatory measures are in place, food operators must adhere to good hygiene and preparation practices. Additionally, the SFA asserted that operators should maintain clean and well-maintained premises.

In response to the controversy, McDonald’s issued a public apology: “We are committed to the highest food safety standards, and the well-being of our customers is very important to us.”

A company spokesperson added that all McDonald’s restaurants across the island have reinforced the significance of following operating and cooking procedures to maintain food safety standards among their staff.

The SFA has also reiterated its commitment to investigating food safety issues seriously. If evidence of improper practices is found, the authorities will not hesitate to take enforcement action.

The public is encouraged to report any concerns regarding food operators’ behaviour through the online comment form on the SFA’s official website.