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Matthew Perry reportedly engaged in aggressive behavior towards multiple women, including Molly Hurwitz, his former fiancée, in the years leading up to his death in October 2023, as per sources close to the late “Friends” star cited by the Daily Mail.

Allegedly, in 2021, Perry threw a coffee table at Hurwitz when she questioned him about infidelity. The couple, who began dating in 2018 and got engaged in November 2020, later called off their engagement seven months later amid rumors of Perry’s alleged flirtation with a 19-year-old on the dating app Raya.

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A coffee table at Molly Hurwitz

Contrary to public speculation, sources claim that Hurwitz initiated the breakup in February 2021 after a heated Valentine’s Day argument. Perry, reportedly struggling with abandonment issues, reacted by throwing a coffee table at her, claiming she was “crazy.”

The Daily Mail also reported an alleged incident in March 2022, where Perry purportedly pushed his live-in sober companion, Morgan Moses, against a wall and threw her onto a bed during a meltdown. Moses quit her job after this incident, a year before Perry’s memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” was released.

Despite the troubling relationship, both Hurwitz and Moses declined to comment when contacted by the Daily Mail.

Perry died at the age of 54

On October 28,2023, at the age of 54, Perry was found dead in his jacuzzi. The coroner attributed his death to the acute effects of ketamine, listing drowning, coronary artery disease, and buprenorphine effects as contributing factors.

Hurwitz paid tribute to Perry on social media after his death, acknowledging the complexities in their relationship and expressing gratitude for the profound impact he had on her.

Dishonest about sobriety

It was also reported that Perry had been dishonest about maintaining sobriety, both throughout the promotional tour for his memoir and in the period leading up to his demise.

The sources reveal that his misuse of prescription drugs was not the sole concerning conduct being concealed. One source characterizes Perry as a “manipulative” individual and alleges that he engaged in verbal, emotional, and physical assault, emphasizing his inclination to cause distress and portray himself as a victim.

A second source provides a nuanced perspective, asserting that Perry wasn’t inherently a terrible person, but rather, his addiction had warped him, preventing him from being true to himself and the person he could have been.

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