Pete Davidson confessed during his latest Netflix special that he was under the influence of ketamine when attending Aretha Franklin’s funeral back in 2018 alongside his then-fiancée, Ariana Grande.

Expressing regret, the stand-up comedian acknowledged feeling embarrassed for being in such a state in public, recognizing it as uncool. Jokingly, he remarked that Franklin would never know he was high, yet he emphasized that it was beside the point.

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Paying his respects at the funeral

Davidson humorously recounted how the drug led him to make an awkward attempt at paying respects to Franklin’s family, imagining himself saying, ‘Hey! I’m just here to pay my R-E-S-P-E-C-Ts.’ This self-deprecating story drew laughter from the audience.

Reflecting on the incident, he added that if Franklin were present, she might have asked, ‘Hey! Who are you and what the heck are you doing at my funeral?’ Admitting his embarrassment, the ‘King of Staten Island’ actor, now 30, acknowledged his lapse in judgment.

At the time, Davidson attended the funeral as Grande’s companion, as she was set to perform in tribute to the late Queen of Soul shortly after their engagement.

Substance use

Although Davidson’s encounter at the funeral didn’t make headlines then, his history of substance use is well-documented. He has sought rehab multiple times, the most recent being in June 2023 due to struggles with borderline personality disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Reports surfaced that Davidson had turned to ketamine to manage his depression, though his publicist denied ongoing usage. Notably, the drug was brought into public discussion following revelations about Matthew Perry’s passing.

Treatment for depression or PTSD

While ketamine has medical uses for anesthesia and depression treatment, experts stress its safety under proper medical supervision. Dr. Bankole Johnson emphasized the importance of seeking qualified medical care for those considering ketamine treatment for depression or PTSD.

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