SINGAPORE: A video on TikTok of a man stumbling and then falling directly into the left front wheel of a police car has gone viral. An ambulance was also shown later arriving on the scene. After it was uploaded on Saturday (Oct 21), it has since been viewed over 275,000 times.

The video on the account of Mr Ng Jun Wei, who goes by @scoleyz on the platform, shows the incident that happened on Friday night (Oct 20) at Clarke Quay. While the post has no caption, it had three hashtags related to the police.


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At the beginning of the video, a man dressed in jeans and a light blue shirt appears to be watching something while standing at the side of a fountain. When he walks away from the fountain, he is unsteady on his feet, as he was possibly intoxicated at the time.

Instead of being able to stand upright, the man continues in a free fall tumble across the pavement in front of the fountain, ending up crashing head-first into the front wheel on the left side of a police car. His legs were later seen on the ground beside the vehicle, where he had been laid flat between the car and the curb. A police officer, standing near the vehicle, quickly goes to the man’s aid. A man and a woman, both foreigners, are also seen frozen in their tracks after the man fell, undoubtedly shocked at his mishap.

The video appears to have been taken from above, and those who witnessed the incident in company with the person who took the video at first reacted in surprise and then broke out into peals of nervous laughter. The clip later showed that two other police vehicles had arrived at the scene, and an ambulance was seen approaching the area at Clark Quay where the man had fallen.

While most of the commenters on the video found the incident to be funny, a number of other platform users expressed sympathy for the man, saying that the fall looked painful.

Another video of the incident uploaded on TikTok by user @sugaryygummybearz, which has also gone viral, briefly shows the man in what appeared to be an intoxicated state from earlier in the evening. However, the caption reads, “police was here for a boy that was fighting and screaming bu(t) this man here became the attention 🥺 but looks rly painful (sic).


police was here for a boy that was fighting and screaming buy this man here became the attention 🥺 but looks rly painfull #fyp #clarkequay #sg #drink

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