A Singapore permanent resident was sentenced to more than a year of jail time for molesting a foreign domestic worker.

Yau Terng Phun (56) filmed the Indonesian domestic helper (41) while she was in the toilet. Yau used his mobile phone to snap photos of the helper in secret.

However, she saw what he was doing and told him to stop as she rushed to cover herself. In defense, Yau said the was “just kidding.” He then deleted the photos.

Yau also molested her by touching her private parts and her breasts as she slept.

According to a report by Today, Yau is married but is reportedly not on good terms with his wife. The helper used to sleep on a mattress in the wife’s room.

On the night of the incident, however, the helper slept in the living room as the wife was having a private conversation on the phone in the bedroom.

Awaking to find Yau molesting her, the helper screamed at him, but Yau made more sexual propositions.

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The helper left the household and filed a report to the Ministry of Manpower on 29 May 2017.

Investigations also found that Yau already began molesting the helper ever since she started working for the household in Jan 2017.

Yau pleaded guilty to to three charges of insulting the domestic helper’s modesty and molesting her while five additional charges were considered for sentencing.

He has been sentenced to one year, three months and six weeks’ jail./TISG

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