A viral video of man single-handedly beating up three others in a fight was circulated on social media and Whatsapp messenger. In the video, the burly-looking man with a single punch, knocked another out cold.

The video, filmed on Wednesday (Nov 11) night, was circulated on Whatsapp Messenger and Facebook on Thursday (Nov 12).

While it is unknown what started the brawl at Golden Mile carpark, it involved three men against a fourth in a grey singlet. A woman in red was also seen trying to film the incident.

At the beginning of the video, the man in the grey singlet was seen being confronted by three other men, with the woman standing on his left trying to defuse the situation.

Around four seconds into the clip, one man can be heard shouting in dialect: “Come!”

Shortly after, the man in the grey singlet shoved one of the three and threw the first punch.

Within a few seconds, many punches were thrown and the trio was knocked to their feet with the man in the grey singlet and the woman still standing.

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As the three on the ground got to their feet, one of them started swinging punches back at the man in the singlet, who sidestepped them and retaliated with a single punch that knocked him out cold.

The other two watched in shock.

The man in the grey singlet roughly shoved another who was wearing white and started to approach the last man who attempted to take cover behind the woman in red.

The man in the grey singlet pointed and shouted: “You don’t come and look for trouble.”

The other man said: “I’m not looking for trouble. You are looking for trouble.”

The man in the singlet shouted again: “You all want to look for trouble is it?”

The clip ended abruptly with the woman speaking to the man in the white shirt while the man who was knocked out cold remained as such on the floor. /TISG