SINGAPORE: A man who wanted enough free time asked people on social media if they knew of any “easy jobs” he could apply for.

“Although most jobs are tough in their own way, I am wondering if there is any job that does not require much effort and have enough free time for me to focus on my side hustle? Ideally it can WFH or have flexible hours. Does anyone know?” u/Upper_Breakfast_6043 wrote on r/askSingapore on Monday (Jan 29).

In the comments section, one user poked fun at the man’s post: “Have you ever wondered why Singaporeans fall prey to so many scams each month? Let me present Exhibit A.”

“It really depends on what you perceive as an easy job though. A doctor probably can’t do the job of an experienced plumber, likewise.But if you’re looking to ask the internet for ideas for easy jobs… we also want to know,” the user added.

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Another user shared his perspective, stating that once a person reaches a particular level of seniority and expertise, work becomes very easy. He also stated that once you advance in your career, you will also be managing a team of people who now “does the work.”

Meanwhile, one user also offered wise advice and said that if the man wanted an “easy job”, then he should do something that required his knowledge, writing:

“As long as you know it but other people don’t, it’s an easy job (to you). This kind of jobs usually don’t require much effort as they’re paying you for your expertise, not your time & effort.

Just have to periodically brush up on your knowledge and skills so that you’ll never fall behind in your industry.”

So, is there such a thing as an easy job?

When it comes to work, the word “easy” can be subjective; what is easy for one individual may be hard for another. Or, if someone claims that their work “is easy,” it may be because they find it enjoyable rather than stressful. In some cases, easy can mean that doing the work feels natural and comfortable.

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However, for relatively new job seekers, ‘easy’ can sometimes be interpreted as a job that doesn’t require a high level of expertise and is open to almost anyone. Perhaps simple jobs would be a better alternative.

Simple jobs to consider

Cashier (S$1,607/month). At retail establishments, cashiers process payments made with cash or credit and provide receipts.

Warehouse assistant (S$2,119/month). A warehouse assistant aids in the day-to-day management of a logistics or storage warehouse. 

Data entry clerk (S$2,186/month). Data entry clerks collect information, including invoices and statements, reports, and employee and customer personal data, and enter it into databases.

Receptionist (S$2,263/month). Administrative duties performed by receptionists include taking phone calls, extending greetings to guests, and giving general company information.

Barista (S$2,228/month). Baristas are in charge of making non-coffee and coffee-based beverages for customers and cooking and preparing meals that the establishment offers.

Delivery driver (S$2,295/month). Delivery drivers are responsible for loading, moving, and delivering goods to customers or businesses safely and on time.

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Sales assistant (S$2,582/month). A sales assistant’s duties include welcoming and assisting consumers entering the store and providing information about the goods and services offered there.

Customer service representative (S$2,593/month). A CSR is the first person a customer reaches out to when they have a question or problem with any product or service offered by the company.