2024 is finally here. As always, we tend to make New Year’s resolutions at the start of the year. However, before the year or even month ends, we find ourself failing to keep to the promises we made. Here are some ways to stick to your New Year’s resolution.

Start small

The reason why a lot of people fail to meet their resolution is that they made too big of a promise. For example, instead of saying that you want to lose 20kgs in a month, it is better to say to start losing 1kg per week. That way it is more achievable. Maybe you want to travel overseas, you can start somewhere near first before flying further.


Resolutions: Make realistic goals

Creating a habit takes 21 days. So if you want to start going to the gym regularly, start realistically at 2-3 times a day before going more frequently. Then you will be able to create a habit.


Write down what you want to achieve

Journaling your journey is a sure-fire way to keep you on track. Just write down daily what you want to do and make a checkbox. Slowly you will see that you are on the road to success.


Keeping accountable

Sometimes we just need a little push to be able to achieve what we want. And the best way is to have someone to partner with and work on it together. Go for a hike with a friend. Share a meal together so you don’t overeat. Let your family know that you are saving money. There are many ways to succeed when you have someone to keep accountable with.


Don’t give up

Sure, you overspend this month. It’s okay, you can do better the next month. Maybe you didn’t drink 3 litres of water today, try again tomorrow. Don’t be hard on yourself and keep going.

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