SINGAPORE: An employer at her wits end with her maid took to social media asking for advice and feedback.

In an anonymous post to a support group on social media, the employer wrote that her helper had been with the family for just over three months and “despite multiple reminders, she continues to use her phone while taking care of my newborn baby during work hours”. She said that the maid liked to watch videos while feeding or playing with the baby, and this would result in her sometimes forgetting to burp the baby.

“My baby once vomitted everything after her feeding because she didnt burp. When she first joined, we didn’t have this problem but seems like she really can’t control herself now”, the woman wrote. She added that she did not want to go through the hassle of finding and hiring another helper but found that she had exhausted all other options. “Any advice and feedback will be helpful pls. And is it even possible to find a helper without phone issues? Thanks in advance!” she wrote.

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Here’s what netizens who commented on the post said:

Earlier this year, a woman who trains new maids to care for the elderly wrote that she came across an inhumane employer who would allow her helper to use her phone only once a month.

In a post on reddit’s r/singapore, the woman wrote: “Currently, I work for the elderly and sometimes train new helpers who were tasked to provide caregiving for the elderly. A week ago, I met and trained a new helper from Indonesia”. She added that the maid was informed that her phone would be confiscated and she might use it only once a month after payday to contact her family. “I thought this was inhumane and why implement such rules when we, ourselves wouldn’t be able to abide by it”, the woman wrote.

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Woman training new maids says one employer ‘inhumanely’ confiscated helper’s phone, allowing her to use it only once a month to contact her family