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LKY’s Chinese tutor writes letter of apology to heroes and survivors of WWII




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The following is a facebook post by Dr Chua Chee Lay, one of Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s Chinese tutors.




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Google Translation:

Patient’s pain

Almost every night I slept sweetly, but stayed up all night last night. After this morning, with a guilty heart to write a letter of apology, in good faith to all during World War II for the patriotic patriotic heroic sacrifice and surviving anti-Japanese heroes, thousands of deadly innocent people and suffering persecution People apologize to twenty thousand points.

The letter said that because of the micro-light, the protest is invalid, can not discourage the authorities to take the Japanese occupation of the island when the name, dignified crown set up in Singapore before the fall exhibition hall, and through the media widely publicized, let the world ridiculed our fall exhibition hall , Is named after the name of the war criminals complacent. So that the original has been deep sand strata of history, never surrender of evil name, in the beautiful hillside on the reincarnation, proudly flying.

There are many ways to remind the people to remember this dark and tragic history. The name of the exhibition is the most unacceptable to the name of the Japanese locomotive army, because it not only distorts the history, the negative teaching material is positive, but also seriously slanders Suffer the victims. As long as the title of the anti-Japanese heroes and the hundreds of thousands of war refugees to retain the title of teeth, all the formal memorial and mourning ceremony are pale and absurd. I am ashamed of your martyrs and innocent people and guilt endless.

Every time referred to this title, I heard the war criminals grinning sound. I have no intention of escaping historical facts, but rather to mention the tragic name of this tragic name ashamed. Hope that we avoid intentionally or unintentionally referred to this title, do not bloody title for this publicity, do not let this bitter title title resurgence, began in people’s mouth and a variety of media to live up. This is a small public on the cruel war, killing the innocent invaders can shout the loudest voice of the silent protest.

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