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The topic of former President Trump becoming President again appears to be concerning liberals. Furthermore, conservatives feel that he will instead end corruption in America. This rhetoric is a heavily debated subject among Americans on social media as some are content with President Biden. 

According to Brietbart, left-leaning media outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, and The Atlantic are heightening concerns over a potential second Trump administration, citing former President Donald Trump’s lead over President Joe Biden in crucial polls.

In a series of op-eds and articles, these publications discuss the looming specter of a Trump dictatorship. The Washington Post’s Robert Kagan expressed worries about a swift erosion of democracy, speculating on the potential disregard of term limits by Trump and the possible implications if he were to return to power. Similarly, The New York Times presented a case that a second Trump term could see more radical policies due to weakened checks and balances.

In response, Trump allies vehemently criticized these narratives as attempts to delegitimize and vilify Trump, citing concerns over escalating rhetoric and its potential impact on the upcoming election. These concerns emerge amid reported worries within the Democratic camp regarding Biden’s approval ratings and trailing poll numbers compared to Trump in certain key states.

Liberals fear Trump’s second return as President 


X users are now saying that he is the guy “they” fear as he will end corruption. However, this is merley an opinion, Democrat supporters will say otherwise when it comes to Donald Trump. Following that, Republicans will point their fingers to Democrat leaders the same way when it comes to this. 


In addition to this, the sentiment against President Biden is increasing especially with his administration trying to arrest the former President. Many feel that leaders in today’s day and age should not pin their opponents in prison. Regardless, the support for Trump is there and it is stronger than a lot of people think it is. 

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