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Is Former President Donald Trump the new American favourite after beating opponents in polls? There is support towards him all over social media. This is especially true with platforms like X, where users are open about supporting him again. For the most part, many are tired with the inflation rate in the United States. 

According to Brietbart, two recent polls unveiled Trump’s dominance in the Republican primary, showing him with commanding leads over competitors in hypothetical races. One survey displayed his overwhelming advantage, securing two-thirds of support, while another portrayed his domination against specific opponents. These results anticipate the upcoming fourth Republican presidential debate, which Trump opts to skip.

In a Messenger/Harris poll, Trump notably surpasses Haley and DeSantis in hypothetical races. He secures 76 percent against Haley’s 19 percent and holds a 73 percent lead against DeSantis, who trails at 21 percent.

Additionally, the survey highlights Trump’s lead against Biden, with 47 percent compared to Biden’s 40 percent among registered voters. In the Morning Consult poll of potential GOP primary voters, Trump maintains a staggering 66 percent, followed distantly by DeSantis at 13 percent and Haley at ten percent.

Apparently, there are some who akin Trump’s likeness to civil rights leader, MLK. ABC News states, real estate expert Lawrence Moens, quoting “Imagine,” likened Trump to MLK Jr., Jefferson, and praised Mar-a-Lago. He paused testimony to answer a call from his elderly father, apologizing to the judge.

X users sharing mixed reaction over Trump’s poll boost 


An X user states that the age group that are actually answering these polls are possibly a small sub group. Furthermore, the user adds that most people under 40 do not participate in such things and the same goes for those above 60 as well. Some would prefer more clarity on the age groups answering these polls. 

Another user claims that Trump is not able to reach 47% approval as his prior win was at around 45%. Regardless, his supporters state that he has higher approval ratings now. Be that as it may, the true results will only come after the Presidential elections. 

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