Liberal woman claims if a man refuses to date a plus size woman he is a bigot

A viral TikTok video shows a woman stating that if a man refuses to date a plus size woman for a variety of reasons, they are a bigot. Conservative Americans are vehemently annoyed at the comment citing that it is their choice on who they date. Furthermore, it seems that the liberal movement wants to encourage individuals to date those who are not they’re “type.”

According to ChipChick, after a breakup, friends often play matchmaker, but friendship doesn’t guarantee matchmaking prowess. Recently, a 25-year-old man declined a setup by his 28-year-old friend, finding the suggested girl too heavy. 

Eager to help him back into dating, she offered to set him up. Reluctantly, she showed photos of the potential date, but he lost interest upon seeing her size. He didn’t intend to be rude but simply wasn’t attracted. 

Despite his friend’s efforts, he realized he couldn’t force a connection based solely on physical appearance. It’s a delicate situation when friends meddle in matters of the heart. Unfortunately for him, his friend ended up calling him a “fatphobe.” 

Liberal woman claims if a man is not willing to date a plus size woman, he is a bigot 

In addition to this, X users feel that there is no longer a sense of freedom of choice. It appears that nowadays, people would have to force a connection with someone even if they do not find that individual attractive. Furthermore, preference towards a person’s future spouse is arguably important. 


Following that, users are accusing the woman of most likely having preferences of her own. However, it is wrong if someone has their own set of preferences. Regardless, it is a recommendation for someone to be polite, but nothing much can be done if an individual refuses to date said person due to several reasons. 

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