Lee Gwan Hee, a participant in Single’s Inferno 3, is facing scrutiny due to recent disrespectful comments he made during a YouTube video featuring several contestants from the dating show watching episodes together. In the video, Lee Gwan Hee mentioned that it was the first time they had gathered to watch the show collectively.

He expressed the idea that sharing their thoughts on the already aired episodes could bring a different perspective. During the viewing, Yoon Ha Jeong commented on Lee Gwan Hee’s entrance scene, describing him as cocky, saying, “You’re so full of it. You look like a jerk.”

In response, Lee Gwan Hee retorted with his thoughts upon meeting Yoon Ha Jeong, saying, “I felt it. I knew she wasn’t easy. I thought I needed to push her down a bit.”

The term “push down” is akin to “bring down to earth” and is often used to convey defeating someone. In the context of a woman, it can carry a chauvinistic undertone, implying the need to “push down” or “tame” a strong or outspoken woman.

Criticised for his similar behaviour

Netizens promptly criticized Lee Gwan Hee for his choice of words, expressing concerns such as “Push who down? He needs to be more careful with his words,” referencing his previous criticism for similar behaviour.

This incident adds to a pattern of controversial actions by Lee Gwan Hee, who was previously labelled a “walking red flag” by fans for his behaviour.

Single’s Inferno

Single’s Inferno is a South Korean reality show that throws singles together on a deserted island, with a promise to escape to “Paradise” – a luxurious resort – if they can find a match.

Contestants live on a basic island with limited resources, cooking their own meals and socializing without phones or external influences.

Lee Gwan Hee, a professional basketball player, gained attention as a contestant on Season 3 of Single’s Inferno. He plays shooting guard in the Korean Basketball League (KBL)

Blurred lines between reality and editing

Yoon Ha Jeong, known for her bubbly personality and captivating looks, rose to fame during Season 3 of Single’s Inferno.

She introduced herself as an “ordinary office worker” at a clothing company.

The show producers later clarified that she wasn’t just an office worker but also affiliated with an agency, blurring the lines between reality and editing.