SINGAPORE: Soon-to-be Singapore Prime Minister Lawrence Wong has maintained silence on the next general election date, telling the press only that the People’s Action Party (PAP) will be ready whenever the polls are called.

Mr Wong, who will become PM on 15 May, fielded questions from the press on Tuesday (16 April) concerning the election date. However, he refrained from disclosing a specific date, only mentioning that preparations for the election have been underway since the conclusion of the previous general election.

Addressing a spectrum of issues, Mr Wong said that upon assuming office, one of his primary objectives is to tackle pressing concerns such as employment, the cost of living, and enhancing support for local families, seniors, and vulnerable segments of society.

He pledged to advance the collective aspirations outlined in the “Forward Singapore” report released by the PAP.

Mr Wong added that while significant initiatives have been unveiled in this year’s budget, they represent only the initial phase of the “Forward Singapore” agenda, with numerous tasks remaining to be fulfilled.

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Regarding election plans, Mr Wong indicated his intention to assemble an adept leadership cadre and attract talented individuals to join the PAP fold.

He hoped forthcoming elections would introduce a fresh cohort of candidates to serve the nation.

Mr Wong also said that although our country has many challenges, it has many opportunities. He called on citizens to collaborate with his administration to write a new chapter for the nation and foster a brighter future.

The Deputy Prime Minister reiterated the PAP’s unwavering focus on addressing citizens’ needs and garnering their trust and support. He said that as long as the party remains steadfast in this endeavour, it stands primed for the next general election.