Home News Karma has no deadline! Yoga teacher warns moviegoers at Star Wars screening

Karma has no deadline! Yoga teacher warns moviegoers at Star Wars screening

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Adeline Tien, a yoga teacher, recounts on her Facebook how a group of friends were intolerant towards a special needs child at the screening of ‘Star Wars The Force Awakens’, and about how she stood up for the child and his family afterwards.
She watched the 6.50 p.m. screening of the movie at the Golden Village Cinema at Great World City. Seated next to her was a family of four, parents and their two sons. The elder of the sons is a child with special needs.
The parents knew how to manage their 2 children well so that they are not much of a bother to the other movie-goers, but the elder child had “his quirks – uncontrolled, spontaneous bursts of random words and sounds”, Adeline describes.
The noise the boy was making however, was irritating a group of 6 – 7 friends who were seated two rows in-front of the family. They shouted at the boy, “Eh, shut up!” and “get out of here!”. Their intolerance shocked the mother, “she was close to tears – i could hear her sniffling”, Adeline said.
The family left the theatre soon after movie ended, but Adeline decided to confront the group of friends. She told them that they were “shouting rude comments at a special needs child” and that their “parents obviously knew that this might happen, so they chose to sit right at the last row”.
Adeline was taken aback when a woman among the group of friends retorted that “they should have brought them another day to watch the movie. The parents should have taken them out”.
Adeline’s confrontation almost became a full-on argument until she realised that “it was pointless hashing it out with someone brainless, heartless, selfish and defensive” people.
In her post Adeline asked the parents of the special needs child not to be disheartened by the incident and to continue to bring their sons to watch movies in cinemas.
“They have every right to enjoy the regular things that we get to enjoy. Please don’t feel bad because for every one of these ignorant selfish people out there, there are ten times more people who are truly compassionate, and willing to stand up for your cause,” Adeline encouraged.
And for the intolerant group of friends, Adeline had a warning:

Adeline’s post has almost 2000 shares on Facebook.

We watched Star Wars The Force Awakens this evening, at Great World City, 6.50pm show.Seated next to me was a family -…
Posted by Adeline Tien on Wednesday, 30 December 2015

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