Johor Sultanah calls for respect of non-Muslims in Malaysia

In a rare comment on the racial situation in Malaysia, the Johor Sultanah Raja Zarith Sofiah called for more kindness and respect to non-Muslim Malaysians.

Raja Zarith Sofiah, the Permaisuri (Queen) of Johor Sultanate and a member of the Perak Royal Family, said – “Muslims in Malaysia are so very lucky.

“because they do not know what it’s like to be part of a minority group. Those of us who have studied or lived abroad know what it feels like to be a minority, and we learn to adapt.”

In a Facebook post, Raja Zarith who actually did Chinese studies from the University of Oxford also said: “At the same time, we see the kindness and the acceptance of those who are Christians, Jews, or of other faiths, when we are in their countries.

“We Muslims must show the same respect to our fellow Malaysians who are not of the same faith as ours.”

The Queen isn’t the only one from the Sultanate of Johor who raised the issue of racial and religious tension in the country.

Her prince – Tunku Idris Sultan Ibrahim – who was disturbed by widespread racism had posted in his Instagram back in 2015 that he was disgusted by the situation.

“It’s disgusting. Racism and its hateful language have no place in this community,” was his comment.

Opposition portals are claiming the Johor Sultanah message came after Islamist Preacher Zakir Naik’s comments that political parties who join hands with non-Muslims in Malaysia are causing trouble.

Naik assumed in a video comment published earlier on The Independent, an opposition leader has joined hands with non-Muslims and that will mean the non-Muslims will soon take power in the country.

Watch video here: Zakir Naik says joining hands with non-Muslims will cause trouble

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