JK Rowling calling Transgender football manager a “middle aged White man”

JK Rowling reignited her feud with the transgender community, targeting Lucy Clark, the first openly trans football manager. Responding to a tweet celebrating Clark’s milestone, Rowling criticized the changing landscape of football management, drawing ire from critics and support from her followers. 

Daily Mail Online covered the controversy, accusing Rowling of cruelty. Rowling defended her remarks, asserting Clark embodies the traditional football manager archetype. Clark, undeterred by the backlash, expressed resilience against transphobia.

Despite facing hate, Clark emphasized finding joy in her life and family. The clash underscores ongoing tensions surrounding Rowling’s views on transgender issues and her public persona.

JK Rowling claps back against the anti-trans remarks 

Following that, there are several harsh accusations sent towards Clark. X users state that the football manager is merely wearing a “cheap wig” and has an addiction to explicit material. However, it is unclear how true these accusations are, but this is what some of the social media users think. 


In addition to this, there are strong debates among the left and right regarding this matter. Conservatives are cheering for JK Rowling citing that she is a national treasure for going against the ultra liberal agenda. However, liberals claim that she is a bully by attacking a marginalized group. 


Furthermore, conservatives find it offensive to call a trans woman like Clark as “her”’ as they feel the football manager is not a real woman. This is a common opinion among those who are in the conservative community as they claim to protect women’s rights. 

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