Taiwan — Singaporean superstar JJ Lin recently got tangled in a little fake rumour.

This comes after news outlets reported that he’s losing out on a big pay-cheque of approximately S$12mil after he missed out on two projects in China.

Luckily, JJ Lin’s agency was quick to shut down the rumour as they clarified with news outlet 8days.sg, that it was only the media’s speculation.

While they didn’t disclose any more information, they also confirmed that the quote Lin’s manager had provided to the media is indeed true.

The subject first came up after the singer-songwriter was rumoured to join the latest season of talent competition show ‘Sing! China’ as a mentor.

However, since Lin is still in Taiwan and also busy preparing for his upcoming virtual concert, the chances of him appearing at the talent show were low. Not to mention, the show’s recording sessions have already started – this week.

This doesn’t go without mentioning that the Covid-19 outbreak in China is now under control, so events such as concerts and filming are now back in action.

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While it’s good news for Chinese locals, the authorities have decided to take extra precautions by tightening the issuance of work visas to foreigners and maybe barring their entry too.

Yep, you got that right… Unfortunately, Lin has been affected by the new regulations.

For now, it’s much simpler for Taiwanese artists to enter China compared to those from Singapore and Malaysia.

On top of that, Lin had also missed another reality show appearance for ‘Wonderful Time’.

When Taiwanese news outlets picked up on it, they estimated that the singer-songwriter missed out on NT$250mil (an equivalent of S$12mil) of income.

With that said, 8days.sg’s report also noted Lin’s manager commented that the most important thing for Lin at the moment is to focus on his upcoming virtual concert.

Photo: Instagram screengrab (@jjlin)

After that, he can focus on attending to other plans including going back to Singapore for his vaccination and applying for the necessary work visas.

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Lin first mentioned that he’d like to return to Singapore for his Covid-19 jabs last month on Instagram live, as he added that Taiwan was facing a shortage of vaccines at the time.

While we do hope that he’ll come back to Singapore soon, we hope everyone managed to secure a vaccine slot during this period. Take care and stay safe!