It is a well known fact that Taiwanese singer-actor Jimmy Lin is a huge fan of cars and racing. For those who visit his high-tech apartment, they will be treated with a taste of his hobby.

Taiwanese socialite and Dazzling Cafe founder Janet Yang posted several IGTV cilps of herself personally delivering drinks from her beverage brand to her celebrity friends including Jimmy two weeks ago. She did not inform Jimmy of her visit and he was surprised when Janet showed up.

The heartthrob wanted to freshen up before letting her in but Janet insisted that he was already handsome enough. Jimmy, 46, was self-conscious about how he looked at first but he was a gracious host and asked Janet and her companion if they wanted to come in and sit down for a while. Jimmy was also cool about everything being filmed so Janet’s followers had a sneak peek of his house.

Jimmy Lin is a fan of cars and racing. Picture: Instagram

Although this is not the first time netizens had a chance to see Jimmy’s abode as it was featured on Chinese variety show, My Dearest Ladies, there were a few new additions to his home, such as the Ferrari F1 race car that was parked in a corner in front of a video projection of a race track.

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Most would be curious on how Jimmy got the car into his living room and he revealed that it had to be hoisted up in a crane. The car is not functional as it is just a shell and does not have an engine or gearbox.

Jimmy also showed Janet his PC setup that consists of a water cooling system and a curved monitor that is so wide so he can play games on one side while keeping an eye on the stock market on the other. Jimmy is such an avid racer that the father-of-three named two of his sons after renowned F1 racers, Kimi Raikkonen and Jenson Button. His love for racing started back in his ’90s pop idol days.

He joined his first competition in 1997, formed his own racing team in 2006, and won numerous championships in China and Taiwan.