Amidst the recent indoor smoking controversy involving actor Ji Chang Wook, there has been a resurgence of past instances involving celebrities, reigniting discussions on the matter.

The controversy surrounding Ji Chang Wook emerged when a video for JTBC’s ‘Welcome to Samdali’ depicted him smoking indoors during a rehearsal with fellow actors and the production team.

Photo: Instagram/Ji Chang Wook

Although JTBC removed the video in response to the backlash, criticism persisted, prompting an apology from Ji Chang Wook’s agency, Glorious Entertainment.

The statement from the agency expressed regret for the discomfort caused by Ji Chang Wook’s actions in the released drama-making content.

Ji Chang Wook acknowledged his inappropriate behaviour and apologized to those who were disappointed, including viewers, the on-site staff, and cast members.

Other incidents of celebrity indoor smoking

This incident revived memories of past celebrity indoor smoking controversies. Last August, EXO’s D.O. faced scrutiny when caught smoking in an MBC waiting room, resulting in a fine after a netizen filed a complaint.

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More recently, NCT’s Haechan stirred controversy when a dance practice video captured him smoking an e-cigarette indoors, prompting an apology from SM Entertainment and a commitment to pay the imposed fine.

Ji Chang Wook’s case has also led to a review of a video featuring director Jang Hang-jun smoking indoors in ‘You Were a Director,’ which was released in October.

The scene depicting Jang Hang-jun smoking in the presence of colleagues was discreetly edited out, eliciting disappointment from netizens.

Lack of consideration for colleagues and staff

The broader issue highlighted by these controversies is not just the legality of smoking in no-smoking zones but also the perceived lack of consideration for colleagues and staff.

Netizens criticize such actions as a form of ‘power abuse,’ even as celebrities issue apologies for their behaviour. The ongoing discussions reflect a societal expectation for celebrities to be mindful of their actions, especially in shared spaces.

Born July 5, 1987, Ji Chang Wook is a renowned South Korean actor and singer who has captivated audiences with his diverse roles and charismatic presence.

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He rose to prominence in the daily drama series “Smile Again” (2010-2011) and has since become a leading actor in Korean dramas and films.