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Jared Leto recently became aware of fans’ theories suggesting he and Scott Disick could be related after an interviewer mentioned a TikTok claiming they looked like twins. Reacting to the comparison, the 51-year-old actor humorously responded, “Wow. Really? Lucky me,” when confronted with the resemblance to the 40-year-old reality star. He mused on the notion that people who resemble each other might share DNA and jokingly entertained the idea of having a wealthy relative like Disick.

Despite Leto’s estimated net worth of $90 million compared to Disick’s $45 million, the comparison between them has been a topic of interest among pop culture enthusiasts for some time, even sparking discussions on platforms like Reddit.

Photo: Instagram/Scott Disick

Fans commented on their similarity

Fans have made comments on the similarity, with some expressing disbelief at the stark resemblance and humorously questioning if they are indeed different individuals or possibly the same person. Meanwhile, recent changes in Disick’s appearance and health due to a car accident in 2022 have been noticed, affecting his mobility and weight, as mentioned on a recent episode of The Kardashians.

Concerns about Disick’s health and attempts to support his recovery have been evident, with family members encouraging him to seek physical therapy and get back into dating. Even his daughter, Penelope, expressed her thoughts on his dating life, suggesting someone with a good personality and a fitness routine to match his own.

Curiousity and speculation among fans

While Leto was previously linked to model Thet Thinn, the focus remains on the ongoing discussions and comparisons between Leto and Disick, sparking ongoing curiosity and speculation among fans.

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