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Travis Kelce shares the story of his relationship with Taylor Swift in a recent wide-ranging interview for WSJ. Magazine’s December/January cover issue. Initially the athlete said he don’t know if he was going to get into all of it. He delves into how their connection began, recounting his initial unsuccessful attempt to meet Swift at her Eras Tour show in July and the involvement of mutual connections who played cupid. He previously disclosed the story during an episode of his New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce podcast but new details emerged recently.

Kelce, aged 34, sheds light on previously undisclosed details in the narrative. In the conversation, he delves into Swift’s direct approach, disclosing the participation of individuals close to her, including family members, who played a role in catching Kelce’s interest. He recounts their initial encounter in New York, expressing the excitement that built up after their prior discussions. Having engaged in prior conversations, Kelce anticipated a pleasant dinner and conversation during their New York meeting, allowing things to naturally progress from there.

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Dating someone like Swift

In the interview, Kelce also touches on his family dynamics, discussing his relationship with his brother Jason and his mother Donna’s thoughts on Swift. He admits to never having dated someone with Swift’s level of public attention before, acknowledging the intense scrutiny she faces daily. Despite this, he expresses his willingness to navigate this newfound aspect of his life while appreciating Swift’s ability to live life freely despite the constant attention.

Kelce admires Swift’s sense of humor and intelligence, highlighting their shared values regarding family and work. He emphasizes his family-oriented nature and acknowledges the similarities he sees in Swift’s close-knit team, considering it aligns well with his values.

The WSJ. Magazine’s December/January Issue featuring the interview will hit newsstands on December 9th.

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