SINGAPORE: An employee in his 40s took to an online forum to share his reservations about resigning from his draining job, citing his uncertainty about his chances of finding a job at his age.

“Is it easy to find a job for people in their 40s?” was the pressing question a Reddit user asked Singaporeans in an online forum on Monday (June 24).

“My job is making me really depressed and affecting me mentally and I wish I can resign straight away,” the writer shared.

“However, I am worried that I will not be able to find another job so fast. I’m thinking if I should get a part-time or temporary job while looking for a new job just to earn some money and not idle at home,” he added.

To end the post, the writer gave the floor to other employees around the same age, asking, “People in their 40s, have you been in this kind of situation before? How is the current job market for people at our age? Any advice? Thank you.”

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Singaporeans share their two cents on finding a job on your 40s

A handful of online users responded to the post, sharing their two cents.

“In my 40s, starting a new job today,” one shared.

“While still employed, (I’ve) been casually looking for jobs since Dec last year with very minimal results. Started looking more seriously in March but seeing only a slight improvement in response. Finally got the job in May and starting today.

Conclusion is, it seems a lot harder these days to get the job that you want with the remuneration that you expect. Thus, quitting without securing a new job might be too big of a gamble.”

“I feel like it isnt easy to find a job nowadays anyway,” another shared.

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A third wrote, “I’m closing in on my 40s and yes, the pressure is real. It’s not just about the current job market; as we get older, our options just get fewer, unfortunately.

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There are definitely opportunities available for us but personally, these few things worked for me too:

1) Be open to unlearning and relearning… 2) Identifying the most minimum I need to survive… 3) Some skills are more important than others.”

On the other hand, one argued that there are more important things to worry about in life.

“Dude, nothing, NOTHING is worth depression and deteriorating mental health,” the comment read. “Quit your job if you have savings. Take a trip, enjoy your life, and get into some hobbies.

Of course, be wise about it, make sure you have enough savings to tide you over, go on cheaper trips that fit your budget, indulge in good food but don’t go overboard.

Get your life back together before heading back into the workforce. Human beings are resilient, you can always find another job, even if it isn’t the same paying one, and work your way up.

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I took a 20% pay cut to do freelance photography, and now my hours are just so much better. I plan my own schedule, I take holiday trips whenever I feel like it. Money’s not everything. Focus on yourself.”

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