The popular iPhone 12 model has been banned in France after several years of being sold worldwide. The phone appears to emit higher radioactive emissions than is allowed for consumer goods.

According to Macrumors, France’s regulatory body, ANFR, will evaluate the impact of Apple’s software update on the electromagnetic emissions from its devices. If the update effectively aligns the emissions with European standards in France, the order to withdraw the model from the market will be lifted.

However, France recently directed Apple to cease ‌iPhone 12‌ sales and rectify existing devices to comply with electromagnetic radiation regulations. This increase in emissions, linked to Apple’s software updates and not present at the ‌iPhone 12‌ launch in 2020, prompted the action. While radiation levels exceeded standards, they were deemed safe for use by consumers.

In response, Apple instructed its support staff to avoid volunteering information and reassure concerned customers about rigorous product safety testing.

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iPhone 12 banned in France, customers concerned 

The coverage regarding the phone’s radioactivity is apparently limited to the iPhone 12. Users state that the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 pro and iPhone 12 pro max lineups are not affected by this. However, the standard baseline model is arguably the most popular option, as it is for every subsequent iPhone released after that.

Some users say this is no longer breaking news as the issue has already been known for a few days. Despite this, many complain that the tech community isn’t talking about this problem enough. The device could be dangerous, but others state that Apple will release a software update to rectify the issue.

One netizen expressed that it is rather peculiar that this information is only out three years after the phone was released. However, X users state that this is in lieu of Apple’s latest software update. One of the probable reasons is that it might emit stronger radioactive waves when the signal is low.

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