International Asia Instagram fitness models desecrate temple in Bali, using holy water to wash...

Instagram fitness models desecrate temple in Bali, using holy water to wash bum

In the video, Dolezalova bent over and pulled up her skirt as Slouka splashed water from the temple fountain on Dolezalova's exposed buttocks




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Indonesia — Netizens were outraged at a series of viral videos depicting two Czech tourists desecrating a sacred temple in Bali.

Sabina Dolezalova and Zdenek Slouka, self-proclaimed fitness models, posted an Instagram video of their vacation in Bali, Indonesia.

One of their videos showed the couple frolicking in the woods that locals revere as sacred temple grounds.

In the video, Dolezalova bent over and pulled up her skirt as Slouka splashed water from the temple fountain on Dolezalova’s exposed buttocks.

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The couple committed what they thought was a harmless, playful act in the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud.

Indonesian netizens were shocked by the behaviour and infuriated at the couple. Some netizens alerted the Bali Immigration Agency to detain the two foreigners until they take responsibility for their deplorable actions.

Senator Arya Wedakarna of Bali stated in a post that he plans to summon the couple soon.

Because of the criticism and vitriol they received from Indonesian netizens, the couple expressed their apologies through their Instagram accounts.

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Admin baru saja menerima lsg video @sabina_dolezalova_ifbb dari bule yang viral yg diduga melecehkan Pura yg disebut sebut sebagai Pura di Kawasan Monkey Forest Ubud Gianyar. Senator AWK, telah menyampaikan pesan dan nasihat ke orang asing tersebut untuk membuat upacara Guru Piduka yang melibatkan pengempon pura dan warga adat dgn biaya ug dibebankan kepada mereka. Terkait masalah hukum hanya bisa diproses jika ada semeton Bali yg melaporkan ke aparat atau inisiatif dr pihak aparat untuk memproses hal ini. Senator AWK berencana akan memanggil dua Bule Tersebut segera. Demikian update berita ini ? ( admin ) @jokowi @aryawedakarna #wedakarna #awkbali #baliberdaulat #dpdri #mprri #satyagrahabali #hindu #purabali

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Slouka apologised about the video and admitted how they “dishonored the holy temple and holy water in Ubud.” He said he did not know the grounds were sacred to locals.

Dolezalova supported her partner and said they “had no idea about the holy water or … holy temple” and added that they “really didn’t want to do anything bad.”

“We are truly sorry and we hope you are going to forgive us. Now, we are just finding out what we can do to fix it,” she added.

In a message sent to Balinese designer Niluh Djelantik, the couple explained that they cannot distinguish which places were holy because they are atheists.

Instagram screenshot from Niluh Djelantik.

Their “apology” further infuriated Indonesians, saying the apology was insincere and that the couple’s atheism does not excuse their bad behaviour or ignorance.

As of posting, the couple have set their accounts to private.

On Sunday (Aug 8), the two foreigners were ordered to apologise in front of the Bali police for their controversial and insensitive actions./TISG

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Turis Asing Diduga Melakukan Pelecehan di Tempat Suci Akhirnya Minta Maaf ============================================= Bertempat Kantor LPD Desa Adat Padangtegal, Kel/Kec. Ubud, Kab. Gianyar telah dilakukan pertemuan antara orang asing (OA) Keb. Checo an. IDENEK SLAVKA dan SABINA DOLEZALOVA yang diduga telah melakukan pelecehan terhadap tempat suci/Pura Beji di kawasan Obyek Wisata Monkey Forest Ubud dengan Prajuru Desa Adat Padang Tegal Ubud dan seluruh anggota Kerta Desa Padang Tegal. Minggu (11/8/19 ) pkl 23.00. wita Kejadian ini berawal dari viralnya di media sosial instagram (IG) yang diunggah oleh pemilik akun Sabina Dolezalova (@sabina_dolezalova_ifbb) dengan memperlihatkan video yang laki-laki mencipratkan air pancoran yang berada di Pura Beji Kawasan Monkey Forest Ubud kepantat pasangan prempuanya. Dalam pertemuan tersebut kedua orang asing (IDENEK SLAVKA dan SABINA DOLEZALOVA) yang diduga telah melakukan pelecehan tempat suci dikawasan Monkey Forest Ubud dihadapan seluruh Prajuru Adat Padangtegal telah menyampaikan permintaan maaf dan tidak ada maksud untuk melecehkan pura yang berada di Kawasan Monkey Forest Ubud tersebut karena dirinya tidak mengetahui/tidak tahu bahwa tempat tersebut merupakan tempat suci dan dirinya akan mengklarifikasi video yang sempat viral di medsos (IG) melalui perkataan permintaan maaf kepada Prajuru Adat Padangtegal dan seluruh masyarakat. Bendesa Adat Padangtegal I Made Gandra ST menyampaikan " dengan adanya permintaan maaf oleh kedua orang asing (IDENEK SLAVKA dan SABINA DOLEZALOVA) yang diduga telah melakukan pelecehan terhadap tempat suci dikawasan Monkey Forest Ubud tersebut dengan secara lansung kepada semua masyarakat Padang Tegal Ubud bahwa Prajuru Adat Padangtegal maupun warga Padangtegal menerima permintaan maaf dari kedua orang asing tersebut dan dari pihak Desa adat Padangtegal tidak akan mempermasalahkan dimana permaslahan sudah dianggap selesai " jelasnya " Pada tanggal 15 Agustus 2019 pkl 12.00 wita Desa Adat Padangtegal akan melaksanakan upacara Guru Piduka yang di hadiri oleh para juru serta masyarakat dan pihak OA tersebut " tambah Bendesa Adat Padang Tegal I Made Gandra ST. @infogianyar_ @punapibali

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