Entertainment Celebrity Malaysian influencer Aisar Khaled converts stranger to Islam, after insulting Siti Sarah

Malaysian influencer Aisar Khaled converts stranger to Islam, after insulting Siti Sarah

Aisar Khaled was embroiled in controversy before this when he made content out of late singer Siti Sarah's death just to gain clout on his YouTube channel.

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Kuala Lumpur ― Once again, Malaysian influencer and YouTuber Aisar Khaled is in the news after a video of him converting a non-Muslim to Islam became viral on social media.

Aisar Khaled was seen preaching to a male individual about the purpose of life in the two-minute clip that was originally uploaded on the instafamous TikTok account and his other socials.

Then the two men hugged each other after Aisar Khaled taught the man to proclaim words of shahada (the Muslim profession of faith).

“One day, bro, we will leave this world forever. The world means nothing anymore. That’s why I said when we always remember death, we will remain conscious of our duty in this world. You have two choices, heaven or hell? Of course we choose heaven, that’s right. But first, we must obey Allah SWT. In this life, how many people die without religion? Die without being a Muslim. We live in a world full of tests and problems. Ultimately we all end up dying. At the end, we end up in hell,” remarked Aisar Khaled in the clip.

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Since then the clip had received several and differing reactions from netizens on social media. On TikTok, netizens seem pleased and praised Aisar’s action while most Twitter users have differing opinions as they deemed the influencer’s action as inappropriate and disrespectful. Twitter user @Najmi_Haikal shared the video in a post to solicit the views of netizens on the issue.

Amidst the scandal, Aisar Khaled has come forward to explain his side of the story. He took to Instagram to share another video explaining the situation. Aisar Khaled said that the man had converted to Islam voluntarily without any coercion as opposed to what has been claimed by some parties.

“I invited him to convert to the religion. I never forced him. Insya-Allah I will do my best to guide him. People are unaware that before talking to him about converting, he told me about his life problems. I simply was a good listener and offered him a solution,” the instafamous shared.

He then invited the man for a drink and before returning home, he thought of inviting the man to embrace Islam. “He agreed to convert. I didn’t force him. I told him about the greatness of Allah SWT. Alhamdulillah he accepted Islam. I will make sure he receives the right guidance,” Aisar wrote.

Netizens still ponder on the relevancy of Aisar’s action despite his explanation. Some felt that his action is offensive and disrespectful to other religions. Others questioned his qualification and credibility to preach to people as he does not have any solid religious education background to support his da’wah method.

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Netizens condemned the 21-year-old’s method of preaching, claiming that it was inappropriate and insensitive for him to simply question other people’s beliefs and religion. Some remarked that the individual was even seen seemingly confused by the situation.

In fact, his supposed method of da’wah (preaching) is not actually in line with the true teaching of Islam as religious conversion is a huge responsibility and certainly cannot be taken lightly, reported Hype.my

Aisar Khaled was embroiled in controversy before this when he made content out of late singer Siti Sarah’s death just to gain clout on his YouTube channel. /TISG

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