Indranee Rajah, Senior Minister of State of the Ministry of Finance, posted a video on her Facebook account on February 13, in the light of upcoming Budget Day on Monday, February 19.

Ms. Rajah chose to highlight budget themes in the video in a lighthearted manner, showing Singapore otters in different scenarios. However, Ms. Rajah hastened to assure everyone that the video is not official material from the ministry, and that her colleagues would be “just as surprised as anyone else, but I hope they enjoy it too!”

Entitled “An Otterly Singaporean Budget,” the video focuses on the “3 big things coming our way,” namely,

–Economic action is shifting to Asia

–Technology is changing everything

–Our population is aging

The video tackled the plan to address these, starting from 2019’s budget, by building a vibrant economy. It also encourages global competitiveness  through skills-building and being unafraid to step out and take risks. The video also touched on taking care of Singapore’s environment and building infrastructure while keeping the country safe and secure. Lastly, it addressed the needs of the family and community, in the light of the country’s aging demographics. The video ends with “Together we’ll make Singapore the best place to live, work and play.”

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The video, which has been viewed more than 49,000 times and shared almost 230 times, drew very positive feedback from Singaporeans for the creativity of the message.

Others, however, were not so enthusiastic