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Indonesian maid put to death for killing employer who tried to rape her




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An Indonesian domestic helper named Tuti Tursilawati was executed in Saudi Arabia on Monday for killing her employer who allegedly tried to rape her.

The mother-of-one was put to death after she was convicted in 2011 of murder, even though she claimed that she was only acting in self defense. Advocacy group Migrant Care stressed that the Indonesia had been defending herself from being raped during the incident that occurred in 2010.

The helper’s execution has outraged many worldwide, particularly Tuti’s fellow countrymen in Indonesia.

Indonesia, which generally shares a good relationship with Saudi Arabia, has protested the execution of their citizen. Citing the Migrant Care report, the office of the Cabinet Secretary noted that Saudi Arabia did not notify the helper’s family or consular staff first.

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According to the office of the Cabinet Secretary, Indonesian President Joko Widodo has called Saudi Arabia’s minister of foreign affairs to protest the execution and demand why Indonesia was not notified in advance: “We have called Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister and conveyed our protest.”

President Joko Widodo also reportedly summoned the Saudi ambassador to Indonesia for discussions over the execution.

Indonesia parliamentarian Abidin Fikri was another voice that criticised Saudi Arabia’s action as he blasted, “The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has ignored principles of human rights, including a right for everyone to live.”

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