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‘If you found out your spouse was cheating on you, what would you do?’ Netizen wants to know

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The netizen received several replies with many people saying that infidelity was a dealbreaker for them but some also chimed in to say that the situation isn’t always so clear cut and love was a complex thing

SINGAPORE: After extramarital affairs involving political figures were reported this week, infidelity has become a hot topic in Singapore. And so, it should not be surprising that when one Reddit user asked, “If you found out your spouse was cheating on you, what would you do?” many joined the conversation.

u/querencias wrote on r/askSingapore on Wednesday (Jul 19), “In the wake of the recent controversies, i realised that all of them are ‘healing with their families’ which is inconceivable to me.

If i found out that my spouse was unfaithful, there would be a divorce immediately with no exceptions.

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If there are children involved, that would solidify the decision even further. I would never want my children to grow up while being influenced by someone who was so morally corrupt. what does everyone else think about the controversies and what would you do?”

Some Reddit users wrote that in cases of infidelity, “ circumstances aren’t usually always so clear cut.”

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One netizen appeared to agree, writing, “i have friends who stayed on in their marriages despite spouses cheating. love is a complex thing and not so easy to always walk away. plus, the cheating spouse didn’t not love their partners.”


Another underlined how difficult infidelity and divorce are on children.

“Happened to me last month, Straight away file for separation,” one commenter wrote.

Another addressed cheaters, writing “You have made the decision, you have made the vow, the least you can do is to exercise some discipline and not act like an animal.”

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“As someone who had a womanizer and gambler as a father, i hope i never have to go through anything like that ever again. the impact on kids is something that people would never understand unless they’ve been through it myself,” a commenter wrote.

A self-admitted former cheat wrote that infidelity is not worth it.



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