SINGAPORE: Senior counsel Harpreet Singh is one to watch out for in the next General Election. Mr Singh has received attention online since he joined The Workers’ Party members in August last year on walkabouts at Marine Parade.

The high-profile lawyer graduated from the National University of Singapore and Harvard Law School and was admitted to the bar as an advocate and solicitor in 1992. In 2007, he was appointed Senior Counsel of the Supreme Court of Singapore.

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Mr Singh recently wrote a commentary on the upcoming GE in the digital magazine Jom, published on May 31 and titled, “Should Singaporeans vote for a stronger opposition?”

Noting that the election may be called as soon as this year, he wrote that whether the governing party would continue to maintain a strong majority or the opposition would grow in strength will determine Singapore’s future.

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In his piece, he argues that while Singapore has done very well, political differences must be tolerated and celebrated as the country moves forward.

“History shows that a good, effective opposition enhances a society with checks and balances. No man or system can, or should, be trusted with near complete dominance.

But beyond the need for effective checks and balances, is there a strong case for an enhanced opposition at the upcoming GE?

It is my firm conviction that as economically successful as we have been as a country, we can be an even better and stronger society with a stronger political opposition,” he writes.

Mr Singh has also made public the disclosure that he has joined The Workers’ Party, the first time, to The Independent Singapore’s knowledge, that this has formally been stated.

So far, reactions to Mr Singh’s commentary have largely been favourable.

When the piece was shared on Reddit Singapore on May 31, the comment “If Harpreet is running in my GRC, sure” received the most upvotes.

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“I hope he comes (to) mine!” wrote another Reddit user.

Others talked about how denying the governing People’s Action Party a supermajority would be the first step to a stronger opposition, saying that one-third of MPs should come from the opposition.

Meanwhile, some wrote that the fielded opposition candidates should be qualified and competent. /TISG

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