SINGAPORE: “People of r/singapore, what was the worst decision you/someone you know made in your/their life?” asked a Reddit user on Sunday (March 31).

For her, it was not dating during her junior college and early university years since her parents advised her that relationships would distract her from her studies. Therefore, she only started going out with someone in her last year of uni, and they stayed together until only a year after graduation.

However, “Now my parents are asking me why I don’t have a partner,” she wrote, adding that since she doesn’t want to date her colleagues, “so at this point, I probably will be single for life.”

It seems that she recently realized that “after school, the chances of spontaneously meeting someone suitable drops precipitously.

Looking back, I realise that I missed out on valuable opportunities to gain experience in how relationships work and how to hold one together.”

Her thread has become popular, with many Reddit users chiming in with similar “worst decisions.”

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One commenter, however, wrote that his experience had been similar but different since he entered into a relationship when he was in JC, adding:

“We stayed together all throughout NS and uni. Married 10 years after getting together. Getting a divorce soon.”

Conversely, for him, “there are times when I think about what it would have been like if I had gotten to date around in the ‘prime’ of my 20s, cos now I have no idea what it’s like to date, and there’s a constant fear of another failed relationship.”

Another commenter wrote that she regrets “Working too long hours and not dating/having a social life early enough. I’m married now, but we (have) gone through a really hard time conceiving and I attribute it to age.”

One wrote that the parents’ perspectives may have something to do with it: “The typical Asian parents mentality. During school: no dating. They distract you. Right after graduating from uni: why are you still single?”

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As one Reddit user pointed out, the post author’s situation is not uncommon.

“I have the exact same problem as you, OP. Long story short, I’ve decided to stay single and not actively look. Gonna move out of my parents’ place this year and get a dog.

Am a 34F. Btw, dating apps are your best bet unless you have hobbies that allow you to meet people outside work.” /TISG

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