Singapore— A video of the crowds at Geylang Serai market has gone viral. Hundreds of people lined up for their turn to buy food for Hari Raya.

On the Borong Pasar Geylang Facebook page a video was posted on Wednesday, May 20, that showed many people waiting patiently in line, which was moving briskly. The video has been shared over 1,000 times since it was posted.

The holy month of Ramadan, which began this year on April 23, will end this weekend.

The caption on the video read, “This year Geylang will be History for all of us. We can’t shop how we use to. We have to queue at the market just to feed our family. This year Hari Raya Puasa is not the same. We don’t get to celebrate with our whole family just a few that stay with us. We are sorry that our date are full guys. How I wish I could attend to all of you ? I really can’t stand to see this, so sad laaaaa!!!. Let’s pray together so that this virus will break the chain okay. Amin.

Ps; Please please no insult or whatever on my feed guys. If you all really need to go market go nearby market please! ?

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Netizen @nurhidayah_fz said on Twitter that she expected that the queue would be long, but was surprised at just how long it was.

She added to her original tweet by writing, “30 mins! we’re in!”

Geylang Serai seems to be a favorite with many Singaporeans, who favour the venue for their Hari Raya shopping over other areas.

Their love for the market made the wait and long queues worth it, some said. “Nowhere can anyone get this feeling except in Pasar Geylang Serai,” wrote Jaime Ab.

Plus, as one netizen pointed out, many Malays live in the area.

And, the prices at this particular market are good, another netizen wrote.

Others, however, did not seem too pleased with seeing such a high volume of people in the area, given the threat of coronavirus spread and infections.

At least one netizen was puzzled at Geylang market’s popularity.

And some netizens did not see the need to go all the way there, since nearby markets have everything they need, and others have opted for the convenience of online marketing at this time.

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Some expressed concern for the seniors lined up in the queues.


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