SINGAPORE: In a heartwarming rescue operation that unfolded in a TikTok video shared by netizen Edwin Ng, a stranded hornbill found itself in an unlikely predicament but emerged unscathed, thanks to the swift response of the National Parks Board (NParks) staff.

The viral video captured the dramatic rescue as it happened. The hornbill, typically known for its distinctive appearance and tropical habitat, had become caught in a crow trap, causing concern among onlookers. The footage showcased the trapped hornbill and revealed its companion perched atop the iron cage, appearing helpless as it observed the unfolding situation.


Caught the wrong bird.

♬ original sound – Edwin Ng – Edwin Ng

The concerned hornbill partner seemed to be in a state of distress, unable to assist its trapped counterpart. As tension mounted, the NParks staff arrived, equipped to tackle the unexpected situation.

In the second video clip, an NParks staff member can be seen approaching the cage with a net in hand. The rescue operation was fraught with challenges as the hornbill within the cage proved to be uncooperative. With determination, the staff worked diligently to immobilize the hornbill, who reacted by incessantly pecking at the staff’s fingers. Fortunately, the staff was wearing protective gloves, ensuring their safety.


♬ original sound – Edwin Ng – Edwin Ng

Meanwhile, a crow, also confined within the trap, was visibly agitated, darting back and forth in its enclosure.

The tension reached its peak as the rescue operation progressed. Once the staff secured the hornbill, they inspected and documented the bird’s condition, drawing a crowd of curious residents who gathered to witness the remarkable rescue. Many captured the event on mobile phones, preserving the moment for posterity.

However, the hornbill’s spirited nature remained evident even after being rescued as the staff prepared to transfer it to another cage for further evaluation and transportation; the tenacious bird bit the staff’s hands once more.

Despite the ordeal, the rescued hornbill emerged from its encounter unscathed, and the NParks staff released the hornbill on a nearby lawn, allowing it to return to its natural habitat.

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