SINGAPORE: A photograph capturing a breathtaking and unexpected wildlife encounter posted by a wildlife enthusiast on Facebook sent ripples through the local nature lovers community online. The photo, taken by CK Lee, features a massive crocodile spotted at Marina East Drive on Tuesday morning (10 Oct) around 8am.

The picture Mr Lee shared on the Singapore Wildlife Sightings Facebook group depicts a massive crocodile that looks like it just swam up the beach and crawled towards the land. Group members said the National Parks Board (NParks) was notified of the incident.

Several seasoned nature enthusiasts within the group ventured their own insights, suggesting that the reptile captured on camera by Mr Lee might be a saltwater crocodile. These reptiles are known for their impressive size.

According to NParks website, members of the public who come across these creatures should remain calm and slowly withdraw from the vicinity. Approaching, provoking, or feeding crocodiles is strongly discouraged, as these actions can lead to dangerous consequences for humans and animals.

Crocodile spotted at Sg Buloh, curious hikers got ‘too close’

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