International Asia restauranteur repatriated after police investigate October 11 assembly at Marina...

Hong Kong restauranteur repatriated after police investigate October 11 assembly at Marina Bay

Alex Yeung will not be allowed to return to Singapore without permission from immigration authorities




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Singapore—Alex Yeung, a restaurant owner who held a gathering in October to discuss the situation back in his native , was repatriated and will not be permitted to return to Singapore without prior permission from the Controller of Immigration.

In connection with Mr Yeung’s case, Philip Chan, the Singaporean businessman in whose establishment the gathering was held, has also received a warning from the authorities. The Straits Times (ST) reports that Mr Chan, who used to live in Hong Kong but has been living in Singapore since 1990 and is married to a Singaporean, is the president of the Kowloon club, a Singapore-based organisation that aids immigrants in adjusting to and integrating into life here.

Mr Chan owns Kimoto Gastro Bar at The Sail @ Marina Bay, where predominantly Hong Kong citizens assembled on October 11. According to the Police, the gathering was later moved to a “public area in the vicinity of The Promontory”. 

In a Facebook post from November 7, the Police said they were alerted to an incident involving Mr Yeung, “who allegedly organised a gathering for interested persons to share their views on the current protests in Hong Kong.”

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Following the gathering, Mr Yeung’s passport was impounded during the time that he assisted with investigations, but the Police clarified that Mr Yeung was “neither arrested nor in Police custody, and is free to go about his activities within Singapore.”

Mr Chan’s passport was also impounded during this time.

ST reports that the assembly lasted around half an hour and that in a video clip of the gathering, Mr Yeung was seen to lead around 10 people in the chant “Support Hong Kong police, protect Hong Kong, justice will win.”

Under the Public Order Act, holding a public assembly without obtaining the mandatory police permit is an offence.

A spokesman for the police said, “Singapore has always been clear that foreigners should not advocate their political causes in Singapore, through public assemblies, and other prohibited means.”

In the statement that the Police issued concerning Mr Yeung’s case, it said, “There have been calls for Singapore to release Mr Alex Yeung and take no further action against him.

The police investigated Yeung’s case in accordance with our usual processes and in accordance with our laws.”

The passports of Messrs Yeung and Chan were given back to them on November 20, Wednesday. Following this, Mr Yeung flew back to Hong Kong.

Mr Yeung posted a video on November 21 on his YouTube channel recorded from Changi Aiprort. He says, “While you are watching this video, I am on my returning flight. Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil, no matter what you do. God is watching constantly and will not miss a trick.
The Singapore Police Force has made no indictment against me. I am warned to refrain from any criminal conduct in future under their description.
So, I can now fly free to those places I wanted to go.”

ST further reports that Mr Yeung’s pro-China and pro-establishment views are well known. -/TISG

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