British newspapers today are abuzz with the sacking of Prince Andrew from Royal duties as a result of the Epstein scandal.

The Daily Mail said that the Queen effectively sacked the Prince after discussing the Epstein scandal with Charles and summoning the distraught Duke of York.

The Queen took drastic action to contain the fall-out from the duke’s disastrous TV interview about his friendship with the paedophile billionaire and disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The Queen also stripped him of his £249,000 Sovereign Grant ‘salary’.

This isn’t a short-term solution. Its early retirement says Queen’s biographer ROBERT HARDMAN who predicts a bleak future for the Prince

After stepping down, Andrew said he was willing to help law enforcement agencies in their investigations.

He also said he “unequivocally” regrets the “ill-judged association.”

The New York Times said the Queen’s prompt action has stopped a firestorm that threatened to scorch the entire British royal family.
Four days ago, the Prince gave a televised interview about his relationship with Mr. Epstein.
Instead of making things better, it brought a storm of negative coverage and prompted companies with ties to the prince’s charities to distance themselves from him.
The Prince is also facing accusations of sexual relations with a teenage girl who had been supplied to him by his friend.
As a result, the interview rekindled calls for Andrew to testify to the F.B.I. about his tangled history with Mr. Epstein.
Epstein was accused of sex trafficking.

The duke, 59, had hoped the interview, broadcas on Saturday by the BBC, would put to rest lingering questions about his ties to Mr. Epstein.

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Below is the statement from the Royal Palace:

Prince Andrew yesterday apologised to the Queen, but he was forced to bow out of public life.

Andrew had an emergency meeting with the Queen, offering a grovelling apology for putting the Royal Family in a bad situation. -/TISG