SINGAPORE: In a bustling corner of the People’s Park Centre basement food court, one hawker is gaining widespread admiration for his unconventional and trust-based approach to handling payments.

The noodle seller, who cooks up delicious Lor Mee, has left his money box on the counter, allowing customers to pay and take their own change without supervision.

The unique operating style of the hawker came to public attention when a customer, Lee Siew Yian, took to Facebook to share her experience. Ms Lee posted:

“The noodle seller who leaves his customers to pay and take their own change. I was amazed to see his money box right at the counter while he cooks his noodles. There’s a queue for his delicious Lor Mee. He doesn’t look at the money box. He has no assistant, just he and himself.”

Describing the process, Ms Lee said:

“You order, check the price, pay for your noodles and take the change, without any intervention. It is on the customers and their integrity to pay the right amount. If you like Lor Mee, head for People’s Park Centre basement food court, he is right at the corner next to an entrance.”

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Netizens responded enthusiastically to Ms Lee’s post, expressing deep respect for the hawker’s unconventional trust-based system. Many remarked on the rarity of such a mindset in today’s society, where dishonesty concerns often overshadow trust in business transactions.

One commenter, Alan Lim, said: “He is not only a stall vendor selling food but a great teacher in life, teach the mass public one valuable lesson in life (Honesty) . Anyone with that honesty and integrity will appreciate him even more.”

The post has since gone viral, with numerous shares and positive comments flooding in. The hawker’s unique method has struck a chord with a wide audience, sparking conversations about trust and integrity and how a simple act of trust can leave a lasting impact on many.