A customer ordering from Liao Fan Hawker Chan’s outlet at Plaza Singapura’s Kopitiam food court was shocked that the price of roast pork rice jumped from S$5.80 to S$8.10.

“I checked and found that this rice dish is no different from what was served before, other than an extra half an egg now,” said the customer to Chinese language newspaper Shin Min Daily News.

Given the significant 40 per cent price hike, the customer, 40-year-old Liang Jianan, complained that the stall adjusted prices without informing the public.

He repeatedly confirmed the price with the stall’s cashier in disbelief. “If I had known that the hike was so huge, I would have eaten at the hawker centre nearby.”

Aside from the roast pork rice, the stall’s signature soya sauce chicken rice also increased from S$5.50 to S$6.80. Char siew rice and pork ribs rice went up from S$5.50 to S$7.80, while a duo-meat platter increased from S$8 to S$12.

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The brand’s outlet in Chinatown told Shin Min Daily News that the price hike was due to increasing cooking oil, pork, gas, water, and electricity costs.

“We will adjust prices again when things are more stable,” said a company representative.

An employee revealed that customers have complained about the increased prices and altered their orders in the process. “Customers would add on meat and vegetables previously, but now they only order the basic set meal.”

Hawker Chan also didn’t regain its Michelin Star after losing it in 2021. Its owner, Singapore-based chef Chan Hon Meng, said last month in an interview that the loss of the star was disappointing.

Hawker Chan was awarded one Michelin Star in 2016.

“I hope that the hawker stall receives Bib Gourmand recognition—of course, getting back the star would be better. But, if that doesn’t happen, we will continue to work hard for customers, who are the best judge of our food,” said Mr Chan.

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Meanwhile, netizens had other opinions on the quality and taste of the meals in question.

“Seriously overrated. Had it once, and I was left wondering what’s so Michelin about it,” said Facebook user Chris Chen in a comment with over 105 likes.

“Good luck selling those. Tried once and don’t understand what the hype was,” said Facebook user Chop Lin. /TISG

Photo: FB screengrab
Photo: FB screengrab
Photo: FB screengrab

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